Mike Cannon is a New York City based comedian and a delightful human being. He thinks being a good human being is more important, but for the purposes of this advertisement will keep his thoughts focused to comedy. Mike was a finalist in the 2016 (and 2014) New York Comedy Festival’s “NY’s Funniest” contest and made his stand up television debut in March 2017 on AXS Gotham Comedy Live. He has recently appeared as a regular guest on Fox’s Red Eye, as a panelist on Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, TruTV’s Top Funniest, MTV’s Failosophy, MTV’s Money From Strangers, MSG’s The Bracket and has been a contributing writer/performer for MTV2’s Guy Code. He currently is a regular guest on several Sirius/XM Radio shows including Opie Radio, The Jim Norton and Sam Roberts Show, Bennington, The Compound Media Network, tons of popular podcasts as well as hosting two of his own – Mike and Tim Visit Earth and Irish Goodbye Podcast. Previously Mike hosted a popular weekly web-series called “The Weed News with Mike Cannon” and his conspiracy theory podcast “Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole.” He was also a co-host of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s web-series Sexy vs Skanky and a featured performer on VH1’s “Why Am I Still Single?” Mike regularly tours the country, but when he is home in New York City he plays all the major clubs and is always working on his act. It makes no difference to him whether he’s performing in a bar, an elevator (done that twice), trying jokes out on his friends, or bothering strangers on the subway for loose change or a sandwich. Comedy is his life, and he is dedicated to making the majority of you laugh and the rest of you confused, yet oddly satiated. He also isn’t sure if he used the word satiated correctly.


-Stand Up Comedian on AXStv’s Gotham Comedy Live

-Recurring Panelist on Fox’s Red Eye

-Featured Panelist on Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore

-Sketch performer on TruTV’s Top Funniest

-Featured Comedian/Panelist on MTV’s Money From Strangers

-Featured Panelist on MTV’s Failosophy

-Contributing Writer/Sketch performer for MTV2’s Guy Code

-Talking Head on MSG’s The Bracket

-Co-Host Cosmo’s Sexy vs. Skanky

-Regular Guest on Opie Radio Sirius/XM

-Regular Guest on The Jim Norton and Sam Roberts Show Sirius/XM

-Regular Guest on Wake Up with Taylor on Sirius/XM

-Recurring Guest on Bennington Sirius/XM

-Recurring Guest on The Anthony Cumia Show

-Host of the popular podcast Mike and Tim Visit Earth

-Host of the popular Irish Goodbye Podcast

-Host “The Weed News with Mike Cannon”

-Host Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole podcast

-Appeared on several episodes of Bethenny

-Featured Comedian/Roaster on VH1’s “Why Am I Still Single?”

-Featured on,, and probably a few more.

-Featured fictional defendant on nationally broadcast television series “Street Court” on WPIX 11 (MOST PROUD OF)

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