Here are some interviews/press that I have done or have had happen to me:

TimeOutNY Joke of The Week

My delightful friend and amazing comedian Leah Bonnema mentioned me in her blog. SUBSCRIBE to that ish!

Number ONE trending video on!

May 2011: I’m featured on the FRONT PAGE of the Official Fleshlight blog! Can’t wait to frame this for my mom. Here’s the link and screen (money) shot.

Here are some sites that I’ve written for, or am currently involved in writing for. However my productivity fluctuates, so be sure to check these things periodically for sporadic rants from yours truly (madly, deeply).

July 2012: Story Worldwide, an NYC based Advertising Agency asked me to write about Louis CK’s new online business model.

May 2011: Story Worldwide, an NYC based Advertising Agency picked up on my joke and Fleshlight’s willingness to market it. They asked me to write a little piece for them describing our (non-sticky) relationship.

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