Mike Cannon’s independently released comedy special recorded at The Comedy Cellar at the Village Underground

Mike Cannon – Life Begins – Full Comedy Special


Mike Cannon – Life Begins – Clip: Italian Theories on Pregnancy
Mike Cannon – I Think It Just Kicked In – Clip: Mushroom Ken Story
Mike Cannon and Wil Sylvince – New Jokes at the Comedy Cellar
Mike Cannon – SoulJoel’s Comedy Club – Clip: Sex Talk with Dad
Mike Cannon – All Crowd Work Stand-Up
Mike Cannon – This Week at the Comedy Cellar by Comedy Central

I Think It Just Kicked In

Mike Cannon’s first album recorded at New York Comedy Club

Mike Cannon – I Think It Just Kicked In – Full Comedy Special

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Here’s the Scenario

In each episode, Mike Feeney, Brendan Sagalow, I take on the “what if?” scenarios of the world. We tackle moral dilemmas, hypotheticals, would-you-rathers, and quandaries big and small. Here’s the Scenario is produced by The Laugh Button.

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Here’s the Scenario Clip – Zombies & Scooters
Here’s the Scenario Clip – Sultan Energy
Here’s the Scenario Clip – Uneven Thumbs
Here’s the Scenario Clip – The Daddy Long Legs Club

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Here’s the Scenario – This Week on Patreon – Preview August 27
Here’s the Scenario – This Week on Patreon – Preview September 3
Here’s the Scenario – This Week on Patreon – Preview September 10



An aspiring stand up comedian moves to New York City to pursue his dream only to find himself in a love triangle with a girl and his career. See Mike Cannon in his debut film Timing available on Amazon Prime.

Timing – Official Trailer


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Mike Cannon – Mike Take Edibles – Episode 6 – Soccer Penalty Kicks
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