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**Holy Sh!t an UPDATE** The Weed News with Mike Cannon

Watch my new WEEKLY web-series with the good people of Stand Up NY LABS. I make jokes about all the recent news in the weed world, review products and dissect a video of the week. Subscribe, share, wear a condom.

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My second episode of #Failosophy


Failosophy - Full Episodes
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Series Premiere of Failosophy

I was on the series premiere of Mtv's new show "Failosophy." My girlfriend threw me an amazing surprise viewing party at a cool ass bar with all of my friends. It was so fantastic and touching that in order to hold back the tears I immediately drank a bottle of Johnny Walker. Love you babe. I'll be on one more episode this season but please WATCH ALL EPISODES (so we can get a season 2) every Thursday 10:30pm EST on MTV.

Failosophy - Full Episodes
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New Mtv Show #Failosophy

Here's the trailer for the new Mtv show I'm on called #Failosophy. It debuts on Valentine's Day (February 14th to the perpetually alone) and one of my episodes got picked to be the series premiere. Check it out idiots! Well that's probably not the best way to sell you something.

Failosophy - Full Episodes
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New Stand Up Video – Clips from my headlining show at Caroline’s on Broadway

I think the title explains precisely what you're about to look at, but as you'll see in the video, I am a long winded douche that likes hearing himself talk. Even if its in my head while I'm typing something utterly useless. Enjoy!

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TIMEOUT NY Joke of the Week and shit

It's almost as though this was coordinated with my headlining show at Caroline's on Broadway on Tuesday June 5th at 7:30pm (not "Wed 6" like it says in the article). Click HERE to get TIX.

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“JUMP” featured on Huffington Post!

Our video "JUMP" has an amazing write up on Huffington Post. Special thanks to Carol Hartsell for the kind words! Click here to check out the article.

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Hi fart licks and butt ticks(?) - here is a new digital short that I got to star in alongside some other great comedians/actors. It was Written by Grant Gordon, Directed by Kyle Fincham and Filmed and Edited by Dan Hirshon. It's gotten a great response in only a day so I'd love if you guys would check it out and click "thumbs up" regardless of your actual feelings. Cause that's what the internet is about right? Holding back feelings and helping your fellow man.

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My 4, ok 2 seconds of fame on VH1

Here I am on VH1's "Why am I still Single?" roasting a dating contestant who was a certified sociopath. The comedy portion starts around the 13 minute mark, but I suggest watching some of the date because this girl drops some jewels. They left out my favorite joke which was "You look like Snooki auditioning for the remake of Philadelphia." Who knew VH1 wouldn't appreciate a clever AIDS joke? Whatevs.

Why Am I Still Single?!
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New Stand Up Clip – Dealing with a Heckler

I've heard heckling videos get a lot of hits, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon 3 years too late per usual. Here's a short clip of a woman interjecting during my closing bit.

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