Something to wet your beak with

Hey phucks,
Here is a craigslist ad I just posted as a reaction to the USA’s elimination from the World Cup. I’ve been a soccer fan my whole life, and a real true blooded American fan for the last two weeks or so. As a new USA national team fan I’ve decided to immerse myself in the oldest American tradition ever: Blind Rage-Filled Patriotism! Here’s the link and in case they take it down, the screen shot as well. AMURICA!

Red White and Fuck yourself

Site Cumming Soon..

Hey All – I am finally getting off my phat badunks to start up this site. It’s going to take some time since I have the wordpress IQ of a downy baby from Tibet. Till then please take a look at this video and rate it accordingly. Unless you don’t like it, in which case I ask you to chug a bottle of gasoline and sit on a lit match. L0LZ!

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