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When I started comedy I had no idea how to market myself (good thing, because I was terrible) or establish a “brand.” That’s why I created my first website to be (based on an old joke I won’t repeat) and named my YouTube channel like I was creating an AOL screen name – “Dongcomic2.” No there was no Dongcomic1 and I’m pretty sure I picked 2 because of poop. I truly, deeply suck. Dongcomic2 has been my YouTube channel for 10 years, and I’ll always cherish the times and lack of success we’ve had. Today is the day my channel transitions into the non-gendered Media Conglomerate it has always been on the inside. Please subscribe to – Tons of stand up, pod clips and something “special” (GET IT?!) coming soon. If you don’t get it, it means I’m releasing a stand up special on my YouTube page as well as additional clips. I’m really excited about it, and it would be super cool if you subscribed to my channel before it’s release. Talk soon and give your cat an eskimo kiss for me.