Media Nonsense

My podcast Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole (Please never visit the website or the Facebook page unless you want to see inside the mind of an absolute maniac – my cohost Dave.) In case the episodes don’t auto-update (which I’m almost positive they don’t) check out all the newest ones HERE

TV Stuff:

The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore

Failosophy – Thursday at 10:30 EST on MTV

Check me roasting a girl on VH1 near the 13 minute mark. And by roasting, I mean getting 1 joke in on VH1’s “Why am I still Single?”

Web Stuff:

The Weed News with Mike Cannon – I’ll try to update the video below every week, but in case I’m as lazy as the title of the series, just check out all the videos HERE

I’m the Co-Host of Cosmopolitan’s Sexy Vs Skanky – Check out Season 2 HERE

Here is the most recent addition to my Youtube Channel – Click HERE to check out all of my videos!

I also write and act in sketches with Dan Hirshon and Andrew Cunningham Check out our commercial for The Fleshlight and click HERE for more! We’ve also combined efforts with Gandhi is that you? Productions on a few videos. Check out our newest “Jump” below, and click here for more!

I’m having a difficult time embedding this video, but here is my Funny or Die channel. Check out the commercial for Fleshlight as well as other sketches.

This is a video my very talented videographer friend Jeff Tan made out of clips from a Halloween Party in 2009. I am in this a lot. Yes I was dressed as a Myspace pedophile. Yes I’m heartbroken that MySpace is no longer relevant. Yes I still go on MySpace.

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